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  1. Creating a Culture of Innovation…

    Cultivate the new skills and knowledge necessary to invent new products, new markets, new business models, and new industries.

  2. Designed for results-driven executives…

    People are renewable, not replaceable.

    Replacing employees is expensive; engaged employees are more productive, more innovative, and less likely to leave.

  3. Featuring some of the World’s Top Business Leaders, Innovators, and Motivators

    Delivering the knowledge and skills that will make your employees more productive, engaged, motivated and happy.

Employees today demand ongoing development as part of the employment contract. Face-to-face training is too costly and logistically impossible to implement in large, geographically-dispersed organizations. Online training needs to be high in production value, sourced from recognized leaders, authentic, relevant and actionable.


Edge features a powerful, carefully curated selection from among thousands of interviews with the world’s top experts — from industry leaders to prominent scholars to cutting-edge researchers. It engages them as teachers and living case studies, to deliver knowledge and skills that will transform your employees’ personal and professional lives.

Edge also features an ongoing collection of expert curated learning tracks developed by top thought leaders in innovation, leadership, business education, and more.


Edge content is organized into five multimedia video learning channels that will engage, inspire and educate employees at all levels in a corporation.

Channel 1


This channel taps the inventor in us all. It develops the core competence of innovation at every level of the organization. Each module provides users with new frames and tools to innovate in the vital areas of operation. Without a culture of innovation, companies wither.


Organizing for Agility

How to adapt your organization to the changing competitive landscape.

Developing Strategy

How to craft and fund effective entrepreneurial strategies.

Competing Globally

How to match global assets to opportunities in the hottest markets around the world.

Building a Brand

How to launch and manage corporate brands, product brands, brand portfolios, personal brands, identity, and reputation.

Winning through Innovation

How to spot the discoveries and new technologies that will disrupt and drive industry for decades to come.

Managing Capital

How to incorporate new tools into financial planning, decision-making, and measuring results.

Channel 2


This channel prepares users to lead people in a diversity of contexts—all calling for real character and dedication to a cause. The modules present processes for changing minds, resolving conflict, rallying teams, engaging customers, and inspiring others to action. Without leadership, organizations drift.


Leading Change

How to advocate for your vision and find your place at the table.


How to ensure discoverability using the latest tools for dynamic pricing, positioning, placement, promotion, and product design.

Energizing People

How to build and motivate a team.

Serving Customers

How to engage with customers, analyzing behavior, addressing complaints, gauging loyalty, learning from and educating customers.

Acting with Integrity

How to lead without compromising one’s values, disrespecting others, or behaving unethically.

Negotiating and Resolving Conflict

How to conduct organizational- and unit-level negotiations and resolve group-level conflicts.

Channel 3


This channel empowers users to build up and upon their unique strengths in service of a larger mission. Each module provides new frames and tools for decision-making, business analysis, communications, and knowledge management. Without continuous renewal, talent fades.



How to implement diversity initiatives in an increasingly globalized economy

Communicating 360

How to use all means of effective communication.

Managing Projects

How to plan and manage projects, including basic project budgeting, assembling talent, and defining work.

Using Analytics

How to collect and use data to make better decisions.

Honing Your Craft

How to develop multiple dimensions of expertise, recognize and apply particular expertise in new contexts, deliberate practice that leads to discovery and cultivating community of practice.

Making Decisions

How to make tough decisions and solve increasingly complex business problems.

Capturing Your Knowledge

How to articulate, codify, record, and share what you have learned with others.

Channel 4


This channel guides users in pursuit of a higher purpose in their lives. In the series of modules, users discover new meaning in their efforts to change within and to effect change in the world throughout their careers.


Cultivating Your Imagination

How to utilize your cognitive abilities to find solutions and opportunities.

Mastering Self-Knowledge

How to plan for the future, prioritize your personal and professional goals, and evaluate yourself realistically.

Improving Health

How to manage your physical and emotion self through medicine, nutrition, mediation, and other stress and relaxation techniques.

Discovering Your Passion

How to face fear, step out of your comfort zone, muster courage, and discover your true passion.

Managing Your Journey

How to present your unique combination of talent and skills throughout the employment process.

Heightening Presence

How to achieve a state of mindfulness necessary to notice the future as it emerges.

Channel 5


This channel includes an ongoing collection of expert curated learning tracks developed by top thought leaders in innovation, leadership, business education, and more.



The Leadership Challenge

with Robert S. Kaplan

Robert S. Kaplan shares invaluable ideas on coaching and mentorship that are critical to success in today’s knowledge economy.


Connecting the Dots of Innovation

with Jeff DeGraff

Jeff DeGraff delivers expert advice on the development of innovation experts, people who can make innovation thrive throughout their organization.


Stretching The Edge

with John Seely Brown

John Seely Brown, John Hagel, and Jack Hidary deliver groundbreaking insights on how companies can foster innovation within all levels of their organization, sharing radical ideas from people and companies who are making it happen today.


Shifting Frameworks

with David Edelman

David Edelman offers insight on the strategy, organization, and infrastructure transformations required to become “digitally adroit” in your market and industry.


We have unparalleled access to leading thinkers, influencers and doers. And, the lessons they share are completely unique to Big Think.

Our Delivery

Edge content is in manageable units and tagged by subject area and is highly flexible in its delivery capabilities.

All content is SCORM compliant (can be fed into a company’s learning management system) and includes bi-monthly, interactive, live-streamed webinars with notable business experts.

Include Your Own Company’s Experts

Customize Edge to the distinct needs of your organization to achieve greater productivity, engagement, retention and alignment.

Integrate video interviews and lessons from the top leaders and thinkers in your company.

Motivate and inspire your workforce through access to your top executives.

Ensure that your company’s culture and mission is at the forefront.

Multiply efforts of your C-suite in articulating your company’s ethos.

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